Club Time Trials

A significant part of club life is participating in club time trial events, and for newcomers to the sport they are a great introduction to racing in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Each year we hold two early season club events on Sunday mornings in February or March.  On Thursday evenings in the summer from April to August we have our extremely popular evening series usually comprising of 18 club time trial events over varying distances on a variety of local courses.   There are two competitions run during the series where club members compete for awards.  The first is the evening series points competition in which all club members are automatically included, and the second is a middle markers competition for riders who meet the criteria from the previous year.  Full details can be found under the club competitions and awards section.

The number of entries for each club event is restricted and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  The individual entry fee for each club event is £5.00 for club members and £6.00 for non-members.  To ride a club event you do not need to enter in advance, just turn up and pay on the day – which is usually referred to as ‘pay on the line’, and has nothing whatsoever to do with internet entry!

Please note you need to arrive an hour before the start of the event to sign on and be allocated a race number and a starting time.  The cut off for signing on is 30 minutes before the start of the race.  If you are not familiar with the course, a member of the club will give you directions to the start.  There are marshals at every turning point, and if you follow their directions you should not get lost or go off course.

Important Safety instructions and recommendations

Hard shell helmet and rear light are compulsory; you cannot sign on or race without one.
The race number is made of fluorescent material which is an important safety feature.  It is essential that it is placed correctly for maximum visibility to other road users and or course the timekeepers!

After your race return to the meeting point where the results will be displayed.

At the end of the event race numbers are checked to ensure all riders have returned safely so please remember to return your number.

CTT Open Events

Cycling Time Trials is the national governing body for time trials in England and Wales and is broken down into 21 regional districts.  The cycling clubs and associations affiliated to each district promote open events for and on behalf of the CTT.  Each district uses approved courses with unique codes specific to their area.  To enter an open event you must be a paid up member of a CTT affiliated club, and as such may enter any open event in any district.

Eastbourne Rovers is affiliated to the London South District of the CTT which generally covers the Surrey and Sussex area and uses courses prefixed with a G code.  Our neighbouring districts are the South East District which is predominately Kent and uses courses prefixed with a Q code, and the South District which is mainly Hampshire, using courses prefixed with a P code.

To enter an open event you must first register as a member of Eastbourne Rovers on the CTT website at the link to create your rider ID which is used to record your events and results.  Full details of open events are listed on the CTT website and can be found here. The listings can be filtered by distance, date and district etc. using the filters provided, then click on an event for further details and to enter online.  A beginner’s guide to time trialling can be also found on the CTT website here.

Making the Transition from Club to Open Events

This may seem a little daunting at first, but the best place to start is probably by entering an open event where you know you will be among familiar faces.  Eastbourne Rovers promotes two open events in August each year – one at 10 miles and one at 25 miles and this is probably as good a place as any to start.  Both events take place on the A22 and are promoted by Peter Moon.

Peter Moon also promotes an open 15 mile event in March and open 10 mile event in September for the East Sussex Cycling Association.  As they are promoted by a member of the club, all of these events are popular with club members, as you know you will be among friends.

Any East Sussex Cycling Association event will be well supported by our members and have a very friendly atmosphere with good mix of riders of all abilities from other clubs in the area.  All their events take place locally and range from 10 miles to 100 miles.   There are also events promoted by the Sussex Cyclists’ Association which many of our members ride, but these are usually based in the West Sussex area.

Club Entry Details & Fees

  • All members are welcome: first time, novice, experienced and guests.
  • Club members £5.00 / Non-members £6.00
  • Enter on the day: pay, sign on and get your race number at the meeting point.
  • Signing on opens one hour before the race starts and closes 30 minutes before the race starts
    • Races starting at 19:00: Sign on between 18:00 and 18:30
    • Races starting at 19:15: Sign on between 18:15 and 18:45
    • Races starting at 19:30: Sign on between 18:30 and 19:00

Bikes, Kit and Equipment

  • You can compete on any type of roadworthy bike. A racing bike will be faster than a mountain bike.
  • In club events rules on clothing are quite relaxed, but in open events you cannot ride in any clothing with advertising (other than registered club sponsors), or sleeveless tops such as tri suits. Whenever possible, members are encouraged to wear club kit.
  • For your own safety, helmets and a flashing rear light are compulsory for all riders in club events and strongly advised for all riders in open events. CTT regulations require the compulsory use of helmets for the under 18s in both club and open events.
  • Race numbers should be pinned below the waist for maximum visibility when racing.

More Information

For further information about club events please contact Peter Moon, Time Trial Secretary via the contact page.