Track Racing

Track racing on fixed gear bikes is an excellent introduction to bike racing and helps develop essential bike handling skills, tactical awareness and sprinting speed. It is also a very accessible way of racing as track bikes are generally much cheaper to buy and maintain than road bikes.

The historic Preston Park in Brighton is a 579-metre D-shaped outdoor track which is located in the north-east corner of the park and is the oldest track in continuous use in the world.

Between April and August, the Sussex Cycle Racing League puts on a weekly track league event every Wednesday night starting at 7pm. Every week there are a number of different races covering all of the track disciplines, with senior riders typically getting five races in an evening. In order to take part, you will need a fixed gear track bike and a racing licence.

If you are a complete novice, we recommend that you attend one of the weekly taster sessions held at the track on Friday nights throughout the summer. If you’re interested, why not come to the track to find out more?

Local League

Although Eastbourne Rovers are not affiliated to these, members may affiliate as individuals if they have a specific interest in these disciplines.

Sussex Cycle Racing League

Sussex Cycle Racing League hold track meetings on Wednesday evenings from mid-April to mid-August at the cycle track in Preston Park – information can be found on their website